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Paskett Winery

Harvest Wine Dinner  Saturday October 16




October 16, 2021 Wine Pairing Dinner MENU


Black-eyed Pea Hummus w/ Crudites

2020 Chenin Blanc


Smoked Halibut w/ BBQ Ciabatta & Shaved Fennel 

2019 Cinsaut


Beef Wellington

2017 Estate Cabernet Sauvignon


Butterscotch Pudding, Creme Brulee & Chocolate Mousse

$90 per person | $75 for Club

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Wine Program | 2021 Bottlings | Futures

2018 Cabernet Franc:   (new French oak barrels) *NEW* This is the first year that we vinted a Cabernet Franc and the first year we added this Bordeaux-born varietal to our "Merveillueux" Bordeaux-style red blend.  Smooth, rich, dark berry flavors.  Fruit from Tom Hoffman's Cabernet Franc small vineyard block in Mokelumne River AVA.    

2018 Estate Charbono:  (new French oak barrels)  Our Paskett Charbono vineyard, located at the winery tasting room and on the edge of the mighty Mokelumne River, was harvested in late October and aged in new French oak barrels.   The new French oak imparts a smoky smooth flavor complimenting the strong tannins in Charbono wine, and builds on the rustic characteristic of this wonderful rare varietal.     As our beautiful small Charbono estate vineyard ages, this will be one of the last vintages we bottle from it.   There are only 80 acres of Charbono winegrapes planted in California; we have 3 acres.   We hope to keep the Charbono winegrape varietal alive and will plant more new grapevines soon.
2018 Petit Verdot:  (neutral French oak barrels)  Petit Verdot is hard to grow and hard to find!   It has that wonderful nutty character, a bright red berry, strawberry fruit profile.  This vintage is balanced, smooth and special.   We produced it for Paskett Club, and plan to release it within the year.
2019 Estate Zinfandel ("Perley" Block): *NEW*  (neutral French oak barrels)   We are proud to have acquired the historic "Perley" old Zinfandel vineyard in 2019.   This new acquisition adds to our portfolio of estate vineyards and tests our skills as boutique growers.  It is also in Mokelumne River AVA, like all of our other family vineyards.  It benefits from rich sandy loam soil, cool breezes and soft river mist.   It is an 11-acre block that was planted in the 1940s and 1950s.   The original land is known as the "Perley" plot.   The vines produce the old fashion Lodi AVAs "wing" cluster -- small wing clusters are attached to the larger clusters.  The vines are head-trained. 
True to its roots, this Zinfandel is wine has black cherry and plum notes, with a smoky finish.    As we go down the journey that our winery takes us, adding this old Zinfandel estate vineyard to the winery program is a blessing.  Like our historic tasting room, built in the mid-1800s, we are honored to be caretakers of part of Lodi's history.  The "Perley" plot is also part of our region's rich history.       
2019 Sangiovese:   (neutral French oak barrels*NEW* We had not planned to produce a Sangiovese in 2019, but boy are we glad that we did!   This small block of fruit was offered to us by one of Lodi's legacy growers.  The fruit quality was beautiful.   The wine is exceptional.  We have some favorite club members who helped us barrel taste it, who are waiting for it!   
2019 Cinsault: (neutral French oak barrels*NEW* The beauty of Lodi as a premier wine growing region is the wide variety of winegrapes grown and the long list of outstanding farmers.   We were lucky in 2019 to receive some of Tom Hoffman's Cinsault grapes, grown in Mokelumne River AVA.    This wonderful old-world varietal is a soft, subtle luscious wine and is best enjoyed young.   It has bright fruit, strawberry and violet notes.  We will be releasing it at the end of summer 2021!   Stay tuned.    
2018 Merveilleux:  (mix of new and neutral French oak barrels)   We did it again!   We put together our famous Bordeaux-style red wine blend.  For this vintage, we added in a 4th wine, Cabernet Franc.    The 2018 vintage includes, Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Verdot, Malbec and Cabernet Franc.    The Cabernet Franc adds structure, rich berry and a peppery elements to this blend.   It truly is marvelous.